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News 1998

Il semblerait que la page originale soit plus récente que cette traduction.

On this page you'll find all the news in reverse chronological order of year 1998.

A news list of year 1997 is also available.


GnuPG 0.9.0 released (1998-12-23)

  • Option to dash-escape "From" in clear text messages.
  • Better support for unices without /dev/random.
  • Fixed some bugs.


GnuPG 0.4.5 released (1998-12-08)

  • Brazilian translation.
  • Improved key import.
  • Loadable random gathering stuff.
  • Files are now locked during updates.


GnuPG 0.4.4 released (1998-11-20)

  • Spanish translation.
  • Fixed the way expiration dates are stored.
  • Key validation is now much faster and some more bugs fixed.
  • New feature to support signed patch files.


GnuPG 0.4.3 released (1998-11-08)

  • Russian translation.
  • Now lists all matching names.
  • Experimental support for keyrings store in GDBM files.
  • Many bug fixes.


GnuPG 0.4.1 released (1998-10-07)

  • Fixed a couple of bugs and add some more features.
  • Checked OpenPGP compliance.
  • PGP 5 passphrase are now working.


GnuPG 0.4.0 released (1998-09-18)

  • Fixed a serious Bug in 0.3.5.
  • Added 3DES.


GnuPG 0.3.5 released (1998-09-14)

  • Do not use this version!
  • Anonymous enciphered messages.
  • Building in another directory now work better.
  • Blowfish weak key detection mechanism.


GnuPG 0.3.4 released (1998-08-11)

Relased revision 0.3.4.


GnuPG 0.3.3 released (1998-08-08)

  • Alternate user IDs.
  • A menu to sign, add, remove user ids and other tasks.
  • Twofish as a new experimental cipher algorithm.
  • Ability to run as a coprocess; this is nice for frontends.


GnuPG 0.3.2 released (1998-07-09)

Bug fixes.


GnuPG 0.3.1 released (1998-07-06)

  • Bug fixes.
  • More in compliance with OpenPGP.


GnuPG 0.3.0 released (1998-06-25)

  • Major enhancements.
  • More complete v4 key support: Preferences and expiration time is set into the self signature.
  • Key generation defaults to DSA/ElGamal keys, so that new keys are interoperable with pgp5.
  • Support for dynamic loading of new algorithms.


GnuPG 0.2.19 released (1998-05-29)

  • Tiger has now the OpenPGP assigned number 6. Because the OID has changed, old signatures using this algorithm can't be verified.
  • GnuPG now encrypts the compressed packed and not any longer in the reverse order; anyway it can decrypt both versions.
  • --add-key works and you are now able to generate subkeys.
  • It is now possible to generate ElGamal keys in v4 packets to create valid OpenPGP keys.
  • Some new features for better integration into MUAs.


GnuPG 0.2.18 released (1998-05-15)

  • Add key generation for DSA and v4 signatures.
  • Fixed a small bug in the key generation.
  • New option --compress-algo 1 to allow the creation of compressed messages which are readable by PGP.


GnuPG 0.2.17 released (1998-05-04)

  • More stuff for OpenPGP: Blowfish is now type 20, comment packets moved to a private type, packet type 3 now prepends conventional encryption packets.
  • Fixed a passphrase bug and some others.


GnuPG 0.2.16 released (1998-04-28)

  • Experimental support for TIGER/192.
  • Standard cipher is now Blowfish with 128 bit key in OpenPGP's CFB mode.


GnuPG 0.2.15 released (1998-04-09)

  • Fixed a bug with the old checksum calculation for secret keys.
  • CAST5 works (using PGP's strange CFB mode).


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