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Noticias de 2002

En esta página encontrará todas las noticias, en orden cronológico inverso, del año 2002.

Una lista de noticias del año 2001 se encuentra igualmente disponible.


GPA 0.6.0 released (2002-12-24)

We are pleased to announce the release of GPA 0.6.0. GPA is a graphical frontend for the GNU Privacy Guard... [más]


GnuPG signature key update and X-Request-PGP (2002-12-23)

The key used to sign GnuPG distributions would expire in a few days. I have extended the lifetime of this key for another... [más]


GPGME 0.4.0 released (2002-12-23)

We are pleased to announce version 0.4.0 of GnuPG Made Easy, a library designed to make access to GnuPG easier for... [más]


Libgcrypt 1.1.11 released (2002-12-22)

I am pleased to announce the availability of libgcrypt version 1.1.11. Libgcrypt is a general purpose cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG and... [más]


gnupg.org 1.1 released (2002-12-15)

New site look has gained several positive critical comments since revision 1.0 was out, but many bugs were also reported. This revision tries to fix the most part of them.


cryptplug 0.3.15 released (2002-12-05)

Due to an error in the configuration system, the previous release had some problems. This has been fixed and a new version... [más]


newpg 0.9.4 released (2002-12-04)

I have just released newpg 0.9.4. NewPG is the S/MIME variant of GnuPG which does also include the gpg-agent, useful even for... [más]


cryptplug 0.3.14 released (2002-12-04)

We have just released the first standalone version of cryptplug. cryptplug is required for GnuPG and S/MIME support under KDE... [más]


gpgme 0.3.14 released (2002-12-04)

We have released gpgme 0.3.14. This version fixes a segv and a race condition with locales. gpgmeplug is not anymore included... [más]


New look-and-feel site released to the public (2002-12-01)

After about four months of WML coding (well, summer was on the way ;-), first revision of the new site look-and-feel was released today. Site is available in english only for now.


OpenCDK 0.3.3 (2002-11-25)

This is the first public announcement for OpenCDK. It is a library to provide some basic parts of the OpenPGP Message Format... [más]


Pyme -- Python OO interface to GPGME (2002-11-20)

Today I am announcing the first release of Pyme, the brand-new Python bindings for GPGME.... [más]


GnuPG 1.3.1 released (development) (2002-11-12)

The latest release from the development branch of GnuPG is ready for public consumption. This is a branch to create what will...


GPGRemail v0.1 initial announcement (2002-11-06)

GPGRemail is a minimalistic mailinglist software, meant for small, private, mailinglists that require strong cryptography via...


RPMs (2002-10-28)

I'm currently uploading RPMs packages for gnupg 1.2.1. At this moment I've uploaded src and mdk 9.0 packages. The latter... [más]


GnuPG 1.2.1 Windows update released (2002-10-26)

Due to a bug in the recent mingw32/cpd toolkit the latest GnuPG binary for Windows did not work on Windows NT. I have build... [más]


GnuPG 1.2.1 has been released (2002-10-25)

Please see this list of changes and then go to the download instructions .


GnuPG 1.3.0 released (development) (2002-10-18)

The first release from the new development branch of GnuPG is ready for public consumption. This is a branch to create what... [más]


GnuPG 1.2.0 released (2002-09-21)

Far too many enhancements to be listed here, please see the announcement mail .


New site (2002-06-20)

Developmenent of the site new look and feel has started.


ftp.gnupg.org HTTP access (2002-05-08)

ftp.gnupg.org can now also be accessed by HTTP.


GnuPG 1.0.7 released (2002-04-29)

Far too many enhancements to be listed here, please see the announcement mail .


GPA 0.4.3 released (2002-01-14)

GPA 0.4.3 has been released.


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